About Miss Ana

Ana G Yavorsky, AKA Miss Ana is a mother of four, a veteran's wife, and the founder and CEO of Spanish Play Dates©.  After her first child was born, she knew that in order to share her roots with the baby, both needed to communicate in the same language. This was the way she found her heart could connect more while sharing traditions and stories on a deeper level. 

Through trial and error, and by reading and searching for ways to make this happen, she developed a specific pattern to using the language as a parent.  It became so effective that she started implementing the same techniques with her other three children, making this process real and effective.  Once she saw that more families had the same struggles and frustrations she experienced at the beginning, Ana decided to teach Spanish to children by applying the same process she lovingly developed and strengthened with her own. This led to sharing those teaching techniques with their parents as well. 

That is how Spanish Play Dates© was born in 2011. Ana started traveling to different locations to share the language with families with early learners through play and music.  In 2019 she opened a Spanish Studio to host classes for babies, preschoolers, and school-aged students.  She has taught Spanish to hundreds of students in person and online. 

All her experience has brought her to this point where she has created an online Spanish program for kids called "Mi Rincón de Español - My Spanish Corner" that teaches the basics of the Spanish language through play and music. 

She is also the creator of the online course & coaching program "Spanish for Early Learners" for adults. Through this program she encourages, leads, and shows families and caregivers what, when, and how to start the journey of teaching Spanish to young children. 

Ana has a special way to bring the best out of her students, both children and adults. Ana believes that when you feel confident about sharing the language at home, you have the power to move forward with the bilingual life you dreamed of for your own children.

Ana believes that with consistency, regular exposure, and a couple of rules and techniques in place, any mom or any teacher can make the magic happen!