Hola dear families!  Ana G. Yavosrky here. A pleasure to meet you.  Let me tell you how we came to be.  

As a bilingual immigrant, I have seen the growing need for families to find resources to help maintain bilingualism in children. Many parents find themselves like me, looking for ways to help their children keep their second language, and many also want them to learn.  This is why I created Spanish Play Dates© where parents and children interact in Spanish through play and music giving them the opportunity to improve the connection and bonding on a second language. 

This idea became more than a class, it became a place where:

1. Families come together to enrich their children with our educational programs.

2. Everyone is encouraged to use their Spanish helping their children to see the need of speaking it with others.  Parents or caregivers with more or less experience in the language enjoy working together. 

3. We find support from instructors, friends, and other families.

4. We celebrate diversity, culture and heritage. 

5. Families work together to raise bilingual children.

Our mission?

To expose, reinforce, teach and maintain the Spanish Language in little kids. 

Welcome to our family!